Boehme, Oskar Melodic Exercises (24) in All Keys, op 20

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  • Boehme, Oskar

    Melodic Exercises (24) in All Keys, op 20

    Complete title is Twenty-Four Melodic Exercises in All Major and Minor Keys, Op 20. Composer includes brief scale and arpeggio exercises before each etude in order to orient the player with the key signature. Variety of styles and tempos. Well-detailed dynamic, articulation and other musical notations to encourage expressive playing. Technical challenges included within these melodic studies are: wide intervals (slurred), ornaments (grace notes, trills), some complex rhythms such as 16th and 32nd note combinations, finger dexterity, some rapid single, double and triple tonguing depending on tempo chosen. A valuable selection of etudes especially if you are looking a mixture of melodic and technical challenges in a variety of key signatures (up to 5 sharps/6 flats). 21 pages. Oskar Boehme was a composer and trumpet player in the late 19th Century-early 20th Century, born in Germany and later moved to Russia. -pc

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