Aharoni, Elizar New Method for Bass Trombone, 4th edition

Bass Trombone Studies & Etudes

  • Aharoni, Elizar

    New Method for Bass Trombone, 4th edition

    Aharoni's magnum opus is a collection of technical etudes designed for players of instruments with one or two valves. The title represents the fact in the year of the first edition's publication, very few books were available for players who specialized on bass trombone. This book is divided into nine principal sections, two for single valve (single F - 57 pages; single F tuned to E - 16 pages), three for dependant double valve (flat E - 22 pp; Eb - 21 pp; D - 25 pp), two for independent valves (Bb/F/G/Eb - 11 pp; Bb/F/Gb/D - 10 pp) and a section for "other combinations." In addition there is an appendix for a single valve with sliding F attachment (a device advocated by the author but not commonly in use). Despite the sections and their intended uses, the book as a whole contains nearly 200 etudes that are challenging and instructive, regardless of your horn's setup. This book is especially useful in the development of the low register, as many etudes either concentrate or employ material well into the trigger and pedal registers. 180 pages. Elizar Aharoni studied in the United States and is the bass trombonist with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra. -cdp

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