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    Bassoon Reed Forming Set

    Our forming pins, designed by bassoonist and LC Double Reeds' co-founder Conrad Cornelison, can be used with any shape of bassoon cane, have been thoughtfully designed with the Herzberg bassoon shape and "Herzberg Bevel" technique in mind.

    Each forming pin is laser-inscribed with two lines: one which marks a recommended forming depth, and one which marks a recommended depth after performing the beveling process. We made sure not to include any hard ledges along the length of the forming pin so that our users have the option of deviating from our marks if they so choose. In this instance, our marks could be used as a consistent reference point.

    Also included in this set is our newly designed tool handle, which fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and is perfectly balanced, so that your hand remains comfortable even after long hours of forming blanks. The forming pins are removable from the handle, but each set comes with 11 forming pins so that you can leave one pin in the handle at all times, if you so choose.

    Rounding out the set is One (1) acrylic drying rack which holds ten (10) of our forming pins, which has been tastefully laser-etched with the LC Double Reeds logo.

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