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    Museum Masterpieces, v.1

    10 Piano Solo Inspired by Great Works of Art. In Museum Masterpieces, Book 1, composer Catherine Rollin has created musical expressions of some of the great works of art found in museums throughout the world. The paintings that inspired these pieces are beautifully displayed on a four-page color insert at the center of the book, along with historical notes about each painting. Titles: American Gothic (Grant Wood) * Black Square and Red Square (Kazimir Malevich) * Carmencita (William Merritt Chase) * A Dash for the Timber (Frederic Remington) * L'‚toile (The Star) (Edgar Degas) * Le fifre (The Fife Player) (douard Manet) * Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci) * The Nut Gatherers (William-Adolphe Bouguereau) * Reeds and Cranes (Suzuki Kiitsu) * Senecio (Paul Klee).
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