Peskanov, Alexander Spring Concerto

Piano Teaching Duets (2 Piano, 4 Hands)

  • Peskanov, Alexander

    Spring Concerto

    Concert pianist, composer, and master teacher Alexander Peskanov has written Spring Concerto as a bridge to the concerto repertoire that will help pianists at the intermediate level experience the joys of performing a concerto at a young age. Inspired byspringtime-themed masterpieces by Vivaldi, Haydn, and Beethoven, this concerto for solo piano with piano accompaniment is divided into four distinctive movements: "The March of Spring," "April Scherzo," "Sunset Reverie," and "May Rondo." The movements explore Classical forms, such as sonata-allegro form and rondo form, while depicting the lively sounds of nature in spring. All four movements are Federation Festivals 2016-2020 selections. -the publisher
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