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  • Bastien, Jane

    Piano Party Book B [Invitation to Music]

    Piano Party is the core book at all four levels of the Bastiens' Invitation to Music Series (A, B, C, D); new concepts are introduced in the Piano Party books. Along with Piano Party, the companion books, Theory & Ear Training Party and Performance Party, provide the formula for a well-balanced music education. Colorful illustrations in all the books are used to reinforce concepts and styles, to maintain interest, and to motivate.

    Book B continues with a variety of pieces in pre-staff notation. Steps and skips, crossing-hands-arpeggios and I chords in C, G, F, the two-note V7 chord, and counting rhythms (three eighths, single eighths, and dotted quarters). The staff is introduced by identifying and writing skips. -the publisher

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