Various (Hinson) World's Greatest Ragtime Solos

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    World's Greatest Ragtime Solos (Hinson)

    This comprehensive collection contains many works by Scott Joplin, as well as works by other composers, including Irving Berlin, Mark Janza, "Eubie" Blake, and Joseph Lamb, to name but a few. The rags are presented in their original form, and the editor has indicated fingering, pedaling and metronome marks to aid in interpretation. Contents:
    •  AUFDERHEIDE: Dusty Rag
    •  BERLIN: Alexander's Ragtime Band
    •  BLAKE: The Chevy Chase
    •  BOWMAN: Twelfth Street Rag
    •  HANDY: The Memphis Blues
    •  HANDY: St. Louis Blues
    •  JANZA; The Lion Tamer Rag---A Syncopated Fantasia
    •  JOHNSON: Dill Pickles Rag---A Ragtime Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: Bethena---A Concert Waltz
    •  JOPLIN: A Breeze from Alabama---March and Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: The Cascades---A Rag
    •  JOPLIN: The Chrysanthemum---An African-American Intermezzo
    •  JOPLIN: Cleopha---March and Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: The Easy Winners---A Ragtime Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: Elite Syncopations
    •  JOPLIN: The Entertainer---A Ragtime Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: Heliotrope Bouquet---A Slow Drag Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: Maple Leaf Rag
    •  JOPLIN: Original Rags
    •  JOPLIN: Peacherine Rag
    •  JOPLIN: The Ragtime Dance---A Stop-Time Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: Solace---A Mexican Serenade
    •  JOPLIN: The Strenuous Life---A Ragtime Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: Sunflower Slow Drag---A Ragtime Two Step
    •  JOPLIN: Swipesy---Cakewalk
    •  JOPLIN: Weeping Willow---A Ragtime Two Step
    •  LAMB: Ragtime Nightingale
    •  LAMB: Sensation---A Rag
    •  LODGE: Red Pepper Rag
    •  NIEBERGALL: Hoosier Rag---March Two Step
    •  SCOTT: Grace and Beauty
    •  TURPIN: Harlem Rag
    •  TURPIN: The St. Louis Rag
    •  WENRICH: Peaches and Cream - A Delectable Rag

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