Janacek, Leos (Zahradka) Im Nebel (In the Mists)

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  • Janacek, Leos (Zahradka)

    Im Nebel (In the Mists) (Zahradka)

    Piano music occupies a small, but nevertheless musically important place in Janacek's oeuvre. Our edition of "In the Mists" by the seasoned Janacek editor Jirˇ Zahradka is an impressive example of this. The small cycle was composed in 1912 and first published the following year. But as was so often the case, Janacek was prompted to revise it. Following the first performance of the work in Prague by the pianist Stepan Vaclav in December 1922, the composer and interpreter jointly undertook a revision,which was published in 1924. We are now publishing this definitive version in a Henle Urtext edition, which also provides convincing solutions for practical questions, such as how to deal with inconsistent pedal markings by Vaclav and Janacek. -the publisher
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