Granados, Enrique (Scheideler) Goyescas - Los Majos Enamorados

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  • Granados, Enrique (Scheideler)

    Goyescas - Los Majos Enamorados (Scheideler)

    20th Century (1911). The Spanish composer Enrique Granados left a varied and wide-ranging oeuvre, but it is above all his piano music that is still very much alive today. Henle's Urtext edition of the dazzlingly virtuoso Goyescas - no doubt his best-known piano composition - now brings a prestigious new work to their catalog. The suite was written between 1909 and 1911. Its unusual title goes back to the Spanish artist Francisco de Goya, whose paintings inspired Granados. The Goyescas conjure up Spanish life in Goya's time at the end of the 18th century - gallant and sensual, but also melancholic and dark. The subtitle "Los majos enamorados" (the young lovers) provides a thematic link among the six scenes which depict the joys and sufferings of budding love. -the publisher
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