Scriabin, Alexander (Rubcova/Schneidt) Sonata No 10, op 70

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  • Scriabin, Alexander (Rubcova/Schneidt)

    Sonata No 10, op 70 (Rubcova/Schneidt)

    20th Century (1912-13). Skrjabin's Tenth Sonata was composed at the same time as the two Sonatas Nos. 8 and 9 in winter 1912/13. It was probably finished at the latest in June 1913. According to Leonid Sabenejev's reminiscences Skrjabin had already performed parts of the sonata to friends in spring 1913, saying that "he had succeeded in simplifying the harmonies without destroying the Sonata's psychological complexity." Following the first performance in Moscow, a reviewer wrote: "The Tenth Sonata must be counted amongst Skrjabin's most inspiring works [...] It is as if it were hewn out of a piece of granite: one can neither leave out a stroke nor add one - it is so strict and logical in its entirety."
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