Albeniz, Isaac (Mullemann/Koenen) Espana, op 165

Piano Solos

  • Albeniz, Isaac (Mullemann/Koenen)

    Espana, op 165 (Mullemann/Koenen)

    G. Henle urtext edition. Edited by Norbert Mullemann. Fingering by Rolf Koenen. When the Catalan composer Albeniz wrote his six album leaves "Espana" at the age of 30, he was in London and his piano recitals were causing a sensation. At these concerts heoften performed his own compositions which were infused with the flair of his home country. Albeniz also gave the first performance of the piano cycle "Espana" in London, taking his audience on a journey through the Spanish countryside: exotic dance rhythms ("Zortzico") and melodic folk tunes ("Serenata") are preceded by the famous "Tango", made known through many arrangements.
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