Anonymous (Weiner) Sonata per Trombono e Basso

Trombone Solos w/Organ

  • Anonymous (Weiner)

    Sonata per Trombono e Basso (Weiner) [optional w/piano]

    Renaissance/Early Baroque. One of only two 17th Century solo sonatas originally written for the trombone, this work has been published twice in recent years (1978 by Accura Music, and again in 1999 by Virgo Music as the "Saint Thomas Sonata"). The manuscript of this piece presented many musicological challenges to the editors of each edition. This new urtext edition offers a sound solution to these problems (with full annotation). It also avoids numerous (in some cases substantial) errors and removes fabricated editorial extras found in one of these earlier published editions. At the same time this edition offers suggestions for apparent errors in the original manuscript, especially with regards to several repeated sections. Although originally intended for accompaniment by organ, this work can be performed on piano with no adaptation needed. Includes solo parts in alto and tenor clef, plus critical commentary. -cdp

    (solo sample pages in alto & tenor clef)

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