Cabanilles, Juan (Ripoll/Doderer) Selected Works, v.3

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  • Cabanilles, Juan (Ripoll/Doderer)

    Selected Works, v.3 (Ripoll/Doderer)

    Joan Cabanilles was cathedral organist in Valencia and the towering figure in Spanish organ music of the late 17th century. His brilliant and diverse musical language, rooted in the traditional sounds of Spain, has not managed to reach a large audience outside the Iberian peninsula, although he is often called "a musician of European stature".

    The aim of this three-volume Urtext edition is to grant access to his most appealing works. To this end, all available sources in the libraries of Astorga, Barcelona, San Lorenzo de el Escoreal, Felanitx/Mallorca, Jaca and Montserrat have been examined and newly evaluated.

    If Cabanilles's oeuvre consists primarily of tientos, organ hymns and versets, the third and final volume contains three versos, three pasacalles, two galliards, two toccatas and such special forms as Paseos de tercer tono, Diferencias de Folˇas and a Jacara.

    •  23. Versos de s‚ptimo tono para Salmos
    •  24. Versos para el Himno "Sacris solemniis"
    •  25. Versos para "Missa per annum"
    •  26. Paseos de tercer tono
    •  27. Pasacalles de primer tono
    •  28. Pasacalles de primer tono
    •  29. Pasacalles de cuarto tono
    •  30. Gallardas de primer tono
    •  31. Gallardas de tercer tono
    •  32. Tocata de mano izquierda de quinto tono
    •  33. Tocata de quinto tono
    •  34. Diferencias de Folˇas
    •  35. J cara

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