Various (Gross/Gottsche) Jazz Inspirations for Organ 4

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    Jazz Inspirations for Organ 4 (Gross/Gottsche)

    Jazz, swing, samba, rhumba and more all found their way to the organ long ago. Not only do the melodies, harmonies and rhythms of these styles enrich the organ's concert literature, they can also be meaningfully incorporated in the liturgy.

    The series "Jazz Inspirations" for Organ offers a delightful and personal combination of many forms and highly contrasting styles at a moderate level of difficulty. Volume 4 presents a new array of stylistic and thematic focuses: "Funky Praise" and "Ich lobe dich von ganzer Seelen" ("I praise thee with all my soul") can be found alongside a "Little Shepherd's Chachacha" and the familiar carol "Kommet, ihr Hirten". It even contains two compositions from the American organ scene.

    •  Jazz, swing and much more for the organ
    •  Authoritative editors and composers
    •  Pieces of a moderate level of difficulty
    •  Bilingual Foreword (Ger/Eng)

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