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  • Korg CA40

    Tuner, Chromatic

    The Korg CA (a.k.a. CA-40) is a full featured, pocket sized chromatic tuner for use with any instrument. It can hear the entire range of the piano (A0 to C8), plus play sound on 12 tones as well. The tuner can be calibrated from a low of A=410 (for earlymusic performances) all the way up to A=480. The display is a large LCD type with a virtual needle that is not jumpy or erratic like many similar tuners. The meter also includes markings for pure major and minor inervals. With more efficient circuitry, memory backup and an auto-off feature, batteries (included) will last longer than ever. Also includes a 1/4 inch output jack.

    Available in USA only.

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