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  • Britten, Benjamin

    Collected Songs [high voice]

    63 songs, with extensive historical introductory notes. Includes all art songs originally composed for voice and piano published by Boosey & Hawkes. The content is the same for the High Voice and Medium/Low Voice volumes, with newly published transpositions as necessary. Contents: As Its Is, Plenty; At Day-Close In November; At The Railway Station, Upway; At The Round Earth's Imagined Corners; The Autumn Wind; Batter My Heart; Before Life And After; The Big Chariot; The Birds; A Charm; The Children And Sir Nameless; The Choirmaster's Burial; A Cradle Song; Dance Song; Death, Be Not Proud; Depression; Die Heimat; Die Jugend; Die Linien des Lebens; Epilogue; Evening; Fish In The Unruffled Lakes; Halfte des Lebens; The Herd-Boy; The Highland Balou; If It's Ever Spring Again; Let The Florid Music Praise!; The Little Old Table; Menschenbeifall; Midnight At The Great Western; Morning; Mother Comfort; Night; Night Covers Up The Rigid Land; Nocturne; Now The Leaves Are Falling Fast; The Nurse's Song; O Might Those Sighes And Teares; Oh My Blacke Soule!; Oh, To Vex Me; The Old Lute; Prologue; Proud Songsters; Seascape; Sephestia's Lullaby; Since She Whom I Loved; Sokrates und Alcibiades; Sonetto LV; Sonetto XVI; Sonetto XXIV; Sonetto XXX; Sonetto XXXI; Sonetto XXXII; Sonetto XXXVIII; Song; The Sun Shines Down; Thou Hast Made Me; To Lie Flat On The Back; Underneath The Abject Willow (solo version); Underneath The Abject Willow; Wagtail And Baby; What If This Present; What's In Your Mind?
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