Willie's Yu Tamaki YT L5X Trombone Mouthpiece

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  • Willie's Yu Tamaki YT L5X

    Trombone Mouthpiece

    There are very few Japanese artists who are active as international soloists, but if this is a trombone player, there is no other than Yu Tamaki. Although based in Denmark, he stays in Japan for several months a year and visits Willie's workshop each time.

    In fact, Mr. Tamaki's style is aggressive and stoic. Always face yourself and focus on improving the quality of your performance. Therefore, the demand for mouthpieces is increasing year by year. Through this collaboration, we have evolved into the Yu Tamaki series.

    The 2022 model has inherited the strong points of these conventional models and has been brushed up to a new dimension. By narrowing the rim width a little the response is quicker, yet the sound is richer than the conventional type. Willie's. The birth of a completely new Tamaki model wearing the large-format initial logo "YT" that symbolizes the 7th generation mouthpiece. - the manufacturer

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