Conn 88HNV New Vintage Trombone Outfit w/Open Wrap F Attachment

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    Trombone Outfit w/Open Wrap F Attachment

    This is the first new Conn variation we've seen in a while. This model, called the New Vintage, works to replicate the sound and feel of the old Elkhart-built models of the middle 20th Century. The sound and playability of those horns was unique and is something still sought after to this day. They were reknowned for their easy, clear tone. That tone was readily shaped by the artist to suit a variety of playing styles, from solo, jazz, commercial and classical work in small, medium and large ensembles.This model is also the first Conn trombone to be built in Elkhart since production was moved first to El Paso and then later to Eastlake (Cleveland) Ohio. All other Conn models are still produced at Eastlake. -cdp

    Designed as an homage to the vintage Conn 88H, the classic sound and feel of early Elkhart models was combined with modern day features and design to create an example of balance and beauty. The 88HNV rejuvenates the classic vintage era trombone startingwith the traditional rose brass bell, which is modeled after the bell weights from prime early examples. The unique valve wrap provides the balance and feel of traditional vintage models, but utilizes a modern approach to the open wrap design. This helpsto create an even balance throughout the entire range. Other features include an updated valve lever and rosewood thumb paddle, creating a more ergonomic feel. The stunning new engraving weaves through four eras of Conn history. The chrome plated nickel silver handslide tubes in combination with the standard rose brass outer material provide a warm resonant sound and smooth action. Coupled with a modern style lightweight case, the New Vintage. Features:

    •  0.547" large symphonic bore
    •  8.5" rose brass bell
    •  Vintage style lightweight bell thickness
    •  Newly designed open wrap F attachment
    •  0.562" bore F attachment
    •  Rose brass outer slide tubes
    •  Chrome-plated inner slide tubes
    •  Nickel handgrips & braces
    •  Tapered rotor & bearings
    •  Ergonomic rosewood lever paddle
    •  New one-piece valve lever
    •  Mechanical stainless ball linkage
    •  Beautiful engraving highlights 4 eras of Conn history
    •  Conn 5G mouthpiece
    •  Lightweight slim style case
    •  Made in the United States at Elkhart, IN

    Conn 88HNV Trombone Outfit (profile)
    Conn 88HNV Trombone Outfit (bell engraving)
    Conn 88HNV Trombone Outfit (case)
    Conn 88HNV Trombone Outfit (horn in case)

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