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  • Neithardt, August (Handrow/Koenig)

    Concertino (Handrow/Koenig)

    Romantic. August Neithardt (1793- 861) received his first musical lessons in his hometown Schleiz (Saxony). He took part in the Wars of Liberation and was then appointed staff member in the Prussian military. Neithardt initially served in the Guard RifleBattalion and from 1822 in the Kaiser Franz Guard Regiment No. 2 in Berlin. In 1839 Wilhelm III appointed him to music director. Neithardt's compositional work is broad. Extensive compositions for choral music and various works for wind orchestra dominate his repertoire. It is believed that the "Concerto for Bass Trombone and Orchestra Accompaniment" was written for the most popular trombone virtuoso in Germany at the time, Friedrich August Belcke. Like Neithardt, he was engaged at the royal court and known far beyond the country's borders as a trombone soloist. Since both artists were active in one place, it can be assumed that there was an acquaintance and mutual appreciation between them.

    A composition by Belcke, his 5th military concerto for trombone and orchestra, was printed in 1829 and could have animated Neithardt to dedicate his Concertino for Bass Trombone, which was written around 1830, to his friend Belcke. In 1840 Neithardt resigned from military service and founded the Berlin Cathedral Choir, which under his direction became a famous ensemble that was later also directed by Mendelssohn. This first publication is a welcome and interesting addition to the trombone literature. -the publisher

    NB: Though referred to as the Concerto for Bass Trombone, this work is actually far better suited to the modern tenor trombone. The tessitura of the work is almost entirely within and above the bass staff, with only a few passing F's and one low E. It isentirely playable on a straight tenor. All bass clef. -cdp

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