Muffat, Gottlieb (Wilson) Suites (6) II

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  • Muffat, Gottlieb (Wilson)

    Suites (6) II (Wilson)

    Baroque. Gottlieb, son of the eminent composer and theoretician Georg Muffat, carried forward the work of his predecessors Johann Jakob Froberger and Johann Joseph Fux while employed as organist and harpsichord teacher by the court of Vienna. This critical first edition is enriched by valuable notes on interpretation, in particular concerning Muffat's luxuriant ornamentation. A treasure trove for lovers of late-baroque keyboard music. -the publisher

    •  Suite No 1 in A, MC B36
    •  Suite No 2 in Gm, MC B6
    •  Suite No 3 in D, MC B7
    •  Suite No 4 in Am, MC B37
    •  Suite No 5 in F, MC B4
    •  Suite No 6 in Dm, MC B12

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