Adams, Byron Variations & Fugue on a Christmas Carol

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  • Adams, Byron

    Variations & Fugue on a Christmas Carol

    This score is based on the old British Carol "I saw three ships." There are seven variations preceding the fugue. After the theme has been stated, the first two variations extend the theme; the third variation introduces the pedals. The next three variations are in the style of Baroque genres: the fourth variation is a no‰l written as an homage to Daquin; the fifth variation is a figured chorale, in which the chorale Von Himmel hoch, da komm ich her makes its first appearance; and the sixth is a Handelian rigaudon. The seventh variation is a "carillion" in which Von Himmel hoch reappears. After a dramatic, dissonant chord, the score concludes with a chorale fugue during which Von Himmel hoch appears in the pedal.
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