Grieg, Edvard (Ludwig) Lyric Pieces

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  • Grieg, Edvard (Ludwig)

    Lyric Pieces (Ludwig)

    The Romantic character piece for piano is crucial to a group of works in Edvard Grieg's complete oeuvre. At the request of his publisher, the composer filled an entire 10 volumes with "Lyric Pieces," a total of 66 individual works. The titles and characters of many pieces reflect the influence of the musical and literary folklore of Grieg's Norwegian homeland. The experienced church musician Klaus Uwe Ludwig made a selection of the most appropriate pieces from the collection and adapted these fororgan.
    •  Cross section of the whole subject range of the "Lyric Pieces"
    •  Welcome enhancement to the Romantic organ repertoire
    •  Arrangements based on the Edvard Grieg complete edition guarantee a reliable music text
    -the publisher
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