Isbin, Gilbert Improvising Fingerstyle Guitarist, w/audio

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  • Isbin, Gilbert

    Improvising Fingerstyle Guitarist, w/audio

    This book is written -with the guitar at hand- to help you as a fingerstyle guitarist, improvise in a contemporary way on the guitar. Every musician can learn to improvise. You just need to study and practice the right tools.

    Each chapter focuses on a different improvisational approach. An extensive theoretical knowledge is not necessary. This book is written for all levels: the beginner, the intermediate and advanced player. Every guitarist will find new insights and concepts to broaden his improvisational skills.

    Studying this book will increase your confidence for improvising, stimulate your command of the guitar with scale, interval, arpeggio studies and above all stimulate your imagination and musical creativity.

    In every chapter there is a 'Your turn' section, following the examples. The aim is to create your own improvisations. The book contains standard notation and tablature. Includes access to online audio.

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