Lang, Rosemary (Faria) Short Cuts to Virtuoso Technique

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  • Lang, Rosemary (Faria)

    Short Cuts to Virtuoso Technique (Faria)

    Rosemary Lang: Short Cuts to Virtuoso Technique, including the Altissimo Studies, edited by Dr. Richard Faria.

    "I've always found the title of Rosemary Lang's collection of clarinet studies Shortcuts to Virtuoso Technique (1978) wonderfully tongue-in-cheek because, as we all know, there are no shortcuts to virtuoso technique; nothing takes the place of thoughtfuland persistent practice. But, due to Ms. Lang's innate understanding of the problematic areas of the clarinets' design, her exercises go straight to the heart of what is most difficult to master on the instrument, and thus do provide an accelerated path to technical fluency. So, there is some truth in the title." - Dr. Richard Faria.

    This book is in four general parts: Part 1 is comprised of a set of 11 Etudes "for the Development of Superior Technique." Part II is what sets this book apart - an introduction to the instrument's altissimo register, complete with fingering charts and short exercises in six keys. Part 3 is two sections of Tonguing Studies. Part 4 is a study of Unusual Clarinet Fingerings. 48 pages. ENS128. UPC: 659550012805

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