Chang Reed Knife, Double Hollow Ground - left hand

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    Reed Knife, Double Hollow Ground - left hand

    For the left hand scraper, this version of the Chang double hollow ground knife is finished with a left hand burr.

    Balance: The knives are perfectly balanced so that the center of gravity is placed at the index finger. This ensures maximum control for the user without having to apply extra pressure from the arm or wrist. Knives are available for left and right handedmakers.

    Comfort: Thoughtfully designed handle size and shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, without having to put your hand in an unnatural position.

    Structure: The knives have been designed with maximum structural stability in mind. Arch shaped curves inspired by classical architecture are used when grinding the CHANG Double-Hollow ground knife, and creates a cutting edge that, while quite thin, willstand up to even the hardest, densest pieces of cane that you put underneath it. For those the prefer a thicker edge, the knife is easily ground down to accommodate.

    Ease of Use: Have you ever used a knife that was mostly good, but was very difficult to sharpen to the perfect burr? We have too, and we hate that. The composition of the metals used are designed to be easy to sharpen and hold an edge. These knives are designed to stay thinner for longer and to have a longer life over many sharpenings.

    Protection: The extremely durable leather sheaths provided with these knives are equipped with a loop and button to secure the knife in the sheath, so that no matter how bumpy the ride, the knife will not become unsheathed in your instrument case or toolbag. No more worrying about cutting your hands when reaching into your instrument case!

    Visual Design: Some knife companies use the same wood and varnish for all of their knife handles. At LC Double Reeds, all of the wood we use for our knife handles is hand selected, and varnished in such a way to accentuate the wood's natural beauty, making each knife handle unique, while maintaining precise consistency in our handle shapes and blades.

    Chang Reed Knife, Double Hollow Ground - right hand

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