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  • Granados, Enrique (Afshar)

    Valses Poeticos (Afshar)

    The Valses Poeticos were composed for solo piano around 1886-1887 by Enrique Granados after moving from Barcelona to Paris to study with Charles-Wilfrid de Beriot and Felip Pedrell. This book presents the seven beautiful waltzes in the Valses Poeticos for guitar, preceded by an un-waltz-like introduction (Vivace molto) and ending with a colorful, clever coda (Presto). Lily Afshar's guitar arrangement is very faithful to the originalpiano version and contains fingerings that are idiomatic and musical. The total performance length is sixteen minutes in duration in eight movements: 1. Vivace molto and Melodico 2. Tempo de Vals noble 3. Tempo de Vals lento . Allegro humoristico 5. Allegretto (elegante) 6. Quasi ad libitum (sentimental) 7. Vivo 8. Presto
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