Korg MCM1B Micrometro Metronome - blue


  • Korg MCM1B Micrometro

    Metronome - blue

    The Korg microMetro MCM-1 Digital Metronome is compact, easy to use and ideal for beginner and experienced musicians alike. The microMetro is battery operated and features a clip for mounting onto instrument straps, belts, etc. There are up to 99 traditional pendulum metronome tempo settings from 40 - 208 BPM. Simultaneous LED and audible tempo click delivers both audible and visual cuing for added accuracy. Set up to 7 different time signatures to suite your playing style.

    Compact, clip-on metronome designed to travel with you 39 Traditional pendulum metronome settings, from 40-208 BPM LCD Screen shows the current temp setting 7 Time signatures as well as duplet, triplet and quadruplet patterns Loud, Soft or Muted volume settings plus an LED beat indicator

    Available in USA only.

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