Caravan, Ronald Sonata for Tenor Saxophone

Tenor Sax Solos w/Piano

  • Caravan, Ronald

    Sonata for Tenor Saxophone

    20th Century. American composer. Ron Caravan is a prominent performer, composer, teacher and developer of the Caravan line of mouthpieces.

    This is the fourth of the composer's melodically and harmonically conservative sonatas for members of the saxophone family (preceded by the soprano, baritone, and alto sonatas). Like the others, its materials are predominantly modal with mild harmonic dissonance in the piano texture. The three-movement work opens with a brief "recitative" introduction followed by the first-movement allegro in 3/4. The middle movement is titled "Sentimental Song" and is dedicated to composer Walter S. Hartley. The third movement is a Rondo Giocoso in 6/8 meter. Altissimo spots are optional, and the piece is appropriate for advanced high-school or college-level students. Moderate difficulty; approx. 12 min. -the publisher

    (mvt. I)
    (mvt. II)
    (mvt. III)

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