Arnold, Malcolm Shanties (3) - SCORE

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  • Arnold, Malcolm

    Shanties (3) - SCORE [1111-1]

    20th Century. Composed in 1943, each movement is based on a different sea shanty and this is one of Arnold's most famous chamber works. The first movement quotes "What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor?" and includes a tango amongst the sailor's hiccups portrayed by the ensemble. The second movement is based on "Boney was a Warrior" and the third is "Yo, Ho, Blow the Man Down." The lyrical second movement follows the traditional shanty format of multiple strophic verses, while the third incorporates many dances, such as a bossa nova. Movements: Allegro con brio; Allegretto simplice; Allegro vivace. Duration: 7'. Score to item #62160. -AP
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