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    21st Century (2001). Manny Albam's Quintet for solo trombone and saxophone quartet in four movements is a work for virtuoso performers about 14 minutes in length. Movement one is fast and contains sharp rhythms and contrasting undulating scales ending inmysterious quiet. Movement two is slow and soft using offset and layered tone clusters in the saxes under a lyrical and non-tonal Trombone line. Later, the saxes are given long lines of soft clashing 1/16th note non-tonal scales. Movement three is for piccolo, flute, clarinet and bassoon as the saxes move to the their "studio doubles." There are sax parts supplied for non-doublers. This movement is fast and mixes up slurred and staccato chromatic licks. Movement four is also fast and features long quasi-chromatic ascending scales. Manny composed this work in 2001 for trombonist Jim Pugh and The American Saxophone Quartet. -the publisher

    # solo trombone and sax ensemble

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