Garrop, Stacy Trumpeters at Jericho, The

Trumpet Duets w/Piano

  • Garrop, Stacy

    Trumpeters at Jericho, The [C trumpets]

    Dramatic and declaratory, The Trumpets at Jericho is a 5«-minute fantasy inspired by the famous biblical story, including captions in the music as the drama unfolds. The Israelites cross the Jordan River in pursuit of the conquest of Canaan, with Jerichoas the first city in their path. They circled the city's walls once a day for six days, led by blaring trumpets. The Trumpets at Jericho traces the Israelites' activities on the seventh day, in which they circle the walls seven times, triumphantly bringing down the walls amidst trumpet blasts. The work ends with the trumpets paying tribute to Jericho's dead. -the publisher

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