Gabrieli, Giovanni (Reichert) Pieces (4)

Trombone Quartets w/Organ

  • Gabrieli, Giovanni (Reichert)

    Pieces (4) (Reichert)

    Renaissance. The first title can be played by quartet alone. The organ part merely doubles the trombones. The remaining three works all require the organ as it takes the place of the antiphonal choir. The first work is transposed down a fifth fromthe original, while the remainder are in the original keys. Parts provided in alto, tenor and bass clefs. -cdp

    •  Canzona per Sonare No 3, Ch.188 (down a 5th to F)
    •  Domine Exaudi Orationem Meam (a8), Ch.15 (organ vs. quartet)
    •  O Magnum Mysterium, Ch.3 (organ vs. quartet)
    •  Sonata Pian'e Forte, Ch.175 (organ vs. quartet)

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