Ervin Counterparts (20) to the Rochut Melodious Etudes

Trombone Duets

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    Counterparts (20) to the Rochut Melodious Etudes

    Newly composed second trombone duet parts to accompany the old edition* of famous Rochut Melodious Etudes as published by Carl Fischer (our item 000857). The 20 duet accompaniment parts in this volume coordinate with etudes 1 through 20 in Rochut's volume 1. The written and implied harmonies do not neccessarily correspond to the original piano accompaniments, and in fact are often vastly different. For Rochut etudes 21 through 40, please see Art Leiby's Rochut for Two, our catalog number 043085 (or 100237 for new edition Rochut)); for etudes 41 through 60, see Rochut for Two, v.2 our number 057612 (or 100345 for new edition Rochut).

    * Can also be used with the new edition of the Rochut (our 086846) with some minor edits. -cdp

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