Yanov-Yanovski, Felix Fabula 6

Tuba Solos w/Piano

  • Yanov-Yanovski, Felix

    Fabula 6

    21st Century (2009). By definition, "Fabula" is a story, an idea, or a frame for creation of any subject. The idea of using the word as a title for some of my works inspired me because it gave me maximum freedom in the choice of a musical structure. There are several pieces in my catalog that have this title Fabula. These pieces are concert pieces written for different solo instruments and different instrumental ensembles: Fabula 1 is a concerto for violin and orchestra; Fabula 2 a cello concerto; Fabula 4 is for voice and strings, etc.. Fabula 6 is written for tuba, timpani and low strings, with alternative versions for tuba, timpani and low brass ensemble, and for tuba and piano reduction. The piece is structured on a three part form model, withclearly delineated individual sections. Additionally, I tried to avoid relegating the ensemble to the simple role of accompanying the soloist, instead making the solo and individual parts of the ensemble as independent as possible. -the publisher

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