Delanoff, Robert Concerto

Brass Quintets

  • Delanoff, Robert

    Concerto [211.01]

    20th Century (1980). This Concerto for brass quintet was written in the classical Sonata form. Through the continual use of all five instruments, the piece takes on a symphonic character. The theme of the first movement consists of 4 tones, which are gradually developed in various ways, thereby creating particularly attractive tonal colors. The theme of the second movement, presented by the tuba, is based on a Db major chord. The triplet accompaniment of the horn and fluegelhorn supports the development of the theme, which the first trumpet introduces into a lyrical tutti second theme. Af-ter the calm section that follows, the first theme is suddenly interrupted by ascending flurries of notes by the piccolo trumpet, climaxing the movement and then changing into a kind of transfiguration. The third movement could be called a kind of street music. Each instrument is featured as a soloist and has a chance to display his virtuosity. The movement begins and ends in a very optimistic way with fanfarelike passages in 10/8 and 12/8. C score & parts. -the composer

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