Monteverdi, Claudio (Toombs) Cruda Amarilli

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  • Monteverdi, Claudio (Toombs)

    Cruda Amarilli (Toombs) [211.01]

    Renaissance. Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643) composed this madrigal in 1605. It appears in the fifth of his eight books of madrigals and is one of his most famous. Cruda Amarilli are the first words in a soliloquy from the play Il pastor fido, which was published in Venice in 1589 by the dramatic poet Battista Guarini (1538-1612). The soliloquy translates as follows:
    Cruel Amaryllis, who with your name
    to love, alas, bitterly you teach.
    Amaryllis, more than the white privet
    pure, and more beautiful,
    but deafer than the deaf asp,
    and fiercer and more elusive.
    since telling i offended you,
    I shall die in silence.
    -the publisher
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