Baker Cookin' Duets - Modern Jazz Duets, v.1

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    Cookin' Duets - Modern Jazz Duets, v.1

    Unlike most duets, these pieces were designed to serve many purposes. First and foremost they are intended to be fun to play and listen to, but each of them is challenging and filled with musical problems comparable to those found in professional playing situations. Some of the uses to which these duets might be put are: Developing sight reading skills (players are encouraged to vary the tempo, dynamics, phrasing as well as switch parts); Learning to recognize and interpret some of the most commonly used jazz figures; Developing a feel for swing; developing facility and technique; developing transpositional skills. -David N. Baker.

    Part of the Modern Jazz Duets series. Contains: Naptown Cookin'; Uncle Mon; Bad Lady; April B; Passion; Mid-Evil; Rex Mundi; Chase City. Challenging technical demands in terms of finger dexterity, flexibility, general facility. Much low register playing for the second trumpet and first trumpet occasionally ascends up to high C above the staff. Chord symbols written above the staff. Composer encourages that these duets are also accompanied by a rhythm section. Each duet is approximately 4-7 pages long. 50 pages. -pc
    (Naptown Cookin')
    (Chase City)

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