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    Odd Meter Duets [treble clef]

    Includes 24 interesting treble clef duets in a variety of meters such as 1/4, 5/4, 7/4, 5/8, and more. Some duets use hemiola to hide the changing meters within the cut-time, 3/4 and other time signatures. Styles are varied to encompass staccato and lyrical playing. Range is moderate so a variety of treble clef instruments will find this collection useful. Some of the titles included are Aeolian Lament, A Small Scale Development, Ostinato Phrygiana, Rumbalita, Five Layer Cakewalk, Across the Border, Mixolydian Mixup, Heptonic Variations, Chromatic Contrariness, and others. Suitable for later intermediate and advanced players. 24 pages. -pc

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