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    Solo Book for Winds, w/Audio

    From the publisher: This collection of original songs is designed for students who have studied their instruments for a limited time (Level 1-2). The songs in the collection are approximately one minute in length and are in keys and meters commonly foundin most instrumental methods. The ranges of the songs seldom go above one octave. There are fourteen songs in the collection sequenced by level of difficulty. There is great variety within the collection as each of the songs as its own unique character. For each song, there is a solo score and a solo/piano-accompaniment score. As an aid, the collection includes a CD with two tracks: one with only the solo part, one with only the accompaniment part. Although the accompaniments sound musically sophisticated, they were designed to be playable by the younger pianist. In the event that no pianist is available, the soloist could use the CD as his or her accompaniment.
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