Hering Orchestral Etudes for the Advanced Trumpeter (23)

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    Orchestral Etudes for the Advanced Trumpeter (23)

    The etudes in this book are based on some of the most significant themes in the symphonic repertoire. Teachers have felt a growing need for the more advanced student to have the opportunity to develop the necessary technical and overall musical skills toperform these beautiful passages well. Since the original passages are usually brief, they have been extended into complete and autonomous studies, with the original styles preserved as much as possible. The etudes are presented here in chronological order, beginning with the great Baroque passages and extending to twentieth-century works. - the composer.

    Straight mute required, some upper register playing up to high D above the staff, a mixture of playable keys and more challenging keys up to 5 flats and 6 sharps. A great book to develop familiarity with important orchestral trumpet excerpts, reinforce the tonality and style of each piece, and stretch beyond the inherent technical demands which can make the excerpt itself feel more attainable to the performer. 47 pages - pc

    Etudes are based on the following works: BACH Brandenberg Concerto No. 2 (1st & 3rd movements); BEETHOVEN Leonore Overtures No. 2 & 3; CHAUSSON Symphony in Bb Major; DEBUSSY Fetes, from Nocturnes; Iberia, from Images for Orchestra; HANDEL The TrumpetShall Sound, from the Messiah; MAHLER Symphony No. 1 & 5; MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibition; SHOSTAKOVICH Concerto for Piano, Trumpet, and Strings; STRAUSS Also sprach Zarathustra; Don Juan; Don Quixote; Ein Heldenleben; Symphonia Domestica; STRAVINSKY Petrouchka; TCHAIKOWSKY Capriccio Espagnole; Rimsky-Korsakov Shaherazade; WAGNER Lohengrin; Der Ring des Nibelungen; Parsifal; WEBER Oberon. 47 pages.

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