Various (Cichowicz) Orchestral Excerpts with Piano Accompaniment

Trumpet Orchestral Excerpts

  • Various (Cichowicz)

    Orchestral Excerpts with Piano Accompaniment (Cichowicz)

    A collection of twenty-nine of the most famous orchestral trumpet passages. It includes the piano book of seventy-four pages and a thirty-two page booklet of the trumpet parts (not only the first trumpet but often second and third as well). The latter also includes Cichowicz's famous Flow Studies set.
    Includes BARTOK Concerto; BEETHOVEN Leonore 3; BIZET Carmen; DEBUSSY Fetes; GERSHWIN Piano Concerto; MAHLER Blumine; Symphony No 1; Symphony 3; Symphony No 5; MOZART Posthorn Serenade; MUSSORGSKY Pictures at an Exhibition; PROKOFIEV Lt Kije; RAVEL Bolero; Piano Concerto in G; RESPHIGI Pines of Rome; RIMSKY Scheherezade; SCHUMANN Symphony No 2; SHOSTAKOWICH Piano Concerto; Symphony No 1; Symphony No 5; STRAUSS Don Quixote; Till Eulenspiegel; STRAVINSKY Petrouchka; Pulcinella; TCHAIKOWSKY Capriccio Italien; Chocolate; Danse Napolitane; VERDI Aroldo Overture; WEBER Oberon Overture.
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