Edwards-Hovey Method, v.1

Trumpet Beginner Methods

  • Edwards-Hovey

    Method, v.1

    This popular method moves more quickly than many elementary methods, and would be a good review for the late elementary or early intermediate player. It contains a fingering chart, list of major scales and arpeggios up to 4 sharps/flats, scales in thirds, and text regarding placing the mouthpiece, production of the tone, procedure, care of the instrument. Text is included throughout the book to guide the student by introducing new note names, rhythms, musical terms, "workbook-like" exercises, and other topics. Exercises address basic counting, sixteenth notes, triplets, dotted eighth-sixteenth note combinations, chromatics, syncopation, compound meter (6/8), and more. Easy duets are also included. 48 pages. -pc
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