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    Trumpet Wah-Wah Mute

    With the introduction of TrumCor's latest offering - The Zinger! - everything you thought impossible in a harmon-style mute has now become a reality. Pitch, articulation, slotting, comprehensive range, dynamic projection, and a beautiful sound are now all part of the harmon-style mute dialogue. TrumCor's overriding philosophy of uncompromised playability has guided us in the four year development of the Zinger!. We began from scratch to develop solutions in design and manufacturing techniques to create a mute with unlimited performance potential. The Zinger! allows the performer to experience complete freedom of expression and technique throughout the dynamic and tonal range of the trumpet - all while maintaining a consistent pitch center. Experience for yourself what is truly possible while performing with TrumCor's Zinger! - the manufacturer

    TrumCor Trumpet Wah-Wah Mute

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