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    Music by Norman Bolter, performed by Norman Bolter, principal trombonist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Assisted by Phillip Kiamie and John Tanzer, percussion; Sayuri Miyamoto, piano; and Judy Saiki, harp. This CD contains 14 original works for trombone: 1. Bolter: Dances of Greeting 2. Bolter: Dark Seas 3. Bolter: Lakes 4. Bolter: By the Pond, in the Wind 5. Bolter: The Red Scooter 6. Bolter: At Far, Brought Near 7. Bolter: Approaching the First Gate 8. Bolter: Stand Your Ground 9. Bolter: Questions 10. Bolter: Echoing Enigma 11. Bolter: Song of King David 12. Bolter: Porch in the Pines 13. Bolter: Timeline Contemplations 14. Bolter: The French Monkey
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