Reed, Alfred Variations on L.B.I.F.D. (London Bridge is Falling Down)

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  • Reed, Alfred

    Variations on L.B.I.F.D. (London Bridge is Falling Down) [211.01]

    This work was originally written to demonstrate some of the principles of harmonic and contrapuntal treatment of thematic material which composers of different nationalities and styles discovered and successfully exploited during the past three centuries, and which continue to form the basis of present day compositional techniques. The music is in ten sections, comprising some 28 variations, each variation representing the application of one or more of these devices to a simple nursery rhyme song taken as thematic basis. Despite the rather formidable sound of some of these "serious" techniques when identified by name, the composer hopes that the spirit of fun which prompted the writing of the work as a whole will not be completely lost sight of by either performers of audiences. - the composer
    For standard 211.01 brass quintet (2 trumpets, 1 horn, 1 trombone, 0 euphoniums, 1 tuba). Great for children's concert!

    Includes: Theme; Statement; Scherzetto; Waltz; March Fo(u)rth!; Lament(oso); Just a Second!; Invention; It's All Done With Mirrors; A Little Funeral Music, Please; Finale. Parts & condensed score.

    (score sample pages)

    (structural outline of piece)

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