Turina, Joaquin (Bhasin) Orgia, frmo Danzas Fantasticas

12-Part Brass Choirs w/Organ

  • Turina, Joaquin (Bhasin)

    Orgia, frmo Danzas Fantasticas (Bhasin) [443.01 w/percussion]

    20th Century (1919). Turina's popular Danzas fantasticas was written for solo piano in 1919, soon thereafter orchestrated by the composer. The set of three dances was inspired by the novel La orgia by Jose Mas, and a quotation from the text preceded eachdance in the score. For the third movement, Orgia, the inscription read, "The perfume of the flowers merged with the odor of manzanilla, and from the bottom of raised glasses, full of the incomparable wine, like an incense, rose joy." Paul Bhasin has crafted a virtuoso arrangement for brass and percussion, to add spice to any program. -the publisher
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