Korg KDM2 Metronome, Digital


  • Korg KDM2

    Metronome, Digital

    The KDM2 features solid, easy to hear PCM sounds, including cowbell, agogo and clave. Large rotary dial allows for quick tempo changes. The cylindrical speaker chamber has been enhanced to make sure it is easily heard. A volume knob allows for quiet clicking and a 1/8 phone jack can be used for private listening. The large flashing LED (the largest on any electronic metronome we sell) located on the top panel blinks in two colors - red and green - for a visual indication of the tempo. It's clearly visible with peripheral vision for practice with or without the click sound. Uses one standard 9 volt battery (included).
    From basic beats to variations like son clave and rumba clave, the KDM-2 contains a total of 19 beat patterns. You can set the tempo in any of three ways. Full Step mode that lets you adjust the tempo over a range of 30 through 252 in steps of one. Pendulum Step mode lets you set the tempo using the preset tempo settings, as on a mechanical metronome. And Tap Tempo lets you set the tempo by pressing the TAP switch at the desired interval.
    Sound Out mode outputs a reference tone that you can use as a tuning guide. You can listen to any of the twelve pitches from C4~B4. You can also adjust the A4 frequency (calibration) in a broad range from 410 Hz to 480 Hz. The KDM-2 provides a memory backup function that remembers the specified tempo, beat, calibration, and reference pitch even when the power is turned off. With easy controls and one of the best and loudest sounds on the market the KDM2 is an ideal practice mate.

    Available in USA only.

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