PaGu Opus 1 Conducting Baton - Small Handle, white shaft

Conducting Batons

  • PaGu Opus 1

    Conducting Baton - Small Handle, white shaft

    The small handled Opus 1 features a petite/intimate handle that's ideal for a smaller framed person or for use in chamber music:
    • Grip size is approximately 2-1/4 x 5/8 inches.
    • Approximately 12-1/4 to 13-1/4 inches in length.
    • For smaller sized hands with a thumb length of about 2-1/4 inches.
    • Forearm should be about 10 to 11 inches in length.
    • White painted hardwood shaft.
    Handles are solid unstained hardwood, varnished and buffed to a matte finish for maximum grip. Shafts are solid hardwood, painted bright white. They are of a uniform width for maximum visibility, with a slight taper at the last two inches. Length specified is of the entire baton, from base of the handle to the tip of the shaft. Wood species and color of handle may vary from photo. Hand made in Buffalo, NY.

    PaGu Conducting Baton

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