Jacobs WSP6001 Variable Resistance Compound Gauge

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  • Jacobs WSP6001

    Variable Resistance Compound Gauge

    As a part of the original Jacobs studio (around 1960), Mr. Jacobs attached a compound gauge (for both inhalation and exhalation) to an aluminum pipe with holes drilled to vary resistance. He used this for decades, and many of his students have desired one for their own students. Working with Mr. Jacobs, this Variable Resistance Compound Gauge has been developed using a similar gauge used by respiratory technicians. The gauge for Mr. Jacobs' original unit cost over $300 (in 1960 dollars). The key to this reproduction was to make it affordable - the primary cost of this tool being the gauge. Rather than developing expensive molds or using computerized lathes, the pipe is hand-made of inexpensive but sturdy delrim. While not having the cosmetic perfection of more expensively produced pipes, this model is just as functional (and much more durable) at a fraction of the cost.

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