Milde, Ludwig (Sauer) Concert Studies, op 26 v.1

Bass Trombone Studies & Etudes

  • Milde, Ludwig (Sauer)

    Concert Studies, op 26 v.1 (Sauer)

    Ralph Sauer has edited Volume I of the opus 26 Concert Studies by Milde for bassoon. They will add much to the bass trombone (tuba) study/etude literature. We look forward to many performers using these valuable studies to improve their technique and musicianship. -the publisher

    "Originally written for the bassoon, these studies were favorites of the great trombone teacher, Emory Remington (1891-1971). While perhaps not "concert" material, they provide much more musical interest than the typical etude book. I have added dynamicsand changed phrasings to be more suitable for the bass trombone (or tuba) while keeping the wide tessitura of the original. The keys have been changed to put each etude in a more suitable range, while the trills from the original bassoon version are included primarily for tuba players. These enjoyable and challenging studies will provide many hours of pleasurable practice. I have returned to these two volumes often over the years and hope that you will also find them useful and rewarding." -Ralph Sauer

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